Coupons 101

I will only give a brief overview of some great ways to use coupons because has a great free e-book that explains exactly how to use coupons for the best discounts and free items. You will find the link on the side column of this page.

There are hundreds of coupons to be found online and in other posts and in the side columns, you can find links to these pages. The one thing I recommend you do if you would like to use online coupons is create a dedicated e-mail just for coupons and freebies. Although they say they will never sell your information, they will still fill your e-mail full of promotions and other things you may not want building in your regular e-mail account. I love gmail but you can also use yahoo for a free e-mail account.

Make sure you keep all of your coupons, don't worry about clipping them. I have a binder that I fill with my coupons and when I go through the sale ads and find items that match my coupons, then I clip them. If you receive coupons from stores like Target, save those coupons and look for manufacture coupons so that you can combine the two coupons to purchase an item. Just this week, I found Pampers diapers on sale, used a Target store coupon, and a manufacture coupon and bought them for $3.99! That is a great deal, even cheaper than the generic diapers.

Go to CVS pharmacy and get a free savings card with them. Click on CVS 101 to understand the best way to shop at CVS.

Have fun and remember to leave comments telling this site what good deals you found for the week. It's always fun to share the savings!


Susana K. Cordeiro said...

i really really like your site... i'm trying to get into this too...
i've found a lot of mom's blogs as well with awesome giveways... check out my blog later and their buttons!
good job!