Living From God's Storehouse of Blessing

This coming week, my goal is to "live from God's storehouse of blessing". This means that I will not be grocery shopping, instead we will live on what is in our pantry. So many times, as we get good deals, we let the pantries build up and sometimes those things can go to waste because we are busy getting "one" more deal. Deals will be there every week and sometimes cutting our grocery bill means cutting how times we go grocery shopping.

I will be buying some lettuce and some half/half but that will be all for the week. The rest will come straight out of our cupboards. God has given us so much and if I'm not a good steward of what He has given me already then I would be wasting His blessings. As we go through the week, I'll update you as to how we are doing here on living from what we already have.

I challenge you to also find a week where you live out of your "storehouse of blessing". Let's be good stewards of the great things God has given us!