Looking Ahead For Future CVS Deals!

I don't know how many times I have said "Oh, I wish I had kept that coupon because this is a much better deal." Well, in order to help everyone out, I am going to post the next two weeks deals for CVS (as much as I see right now) that way you can save your coupons. If I see more deals, I will update you. You will as always get the the weekly deals in its normal place every week, this is just an advance post for those who might want to look ahead.

~ April 5 - 11, 2009 ~

Pringles (Proctor & Gamble 3/15/2009 $1.00/2) - $.38
Johnson's Baby Care Products
(various resources, will post these later $1.00/1) - $2.00 (with it possibly being cheaper - there are $10 ECBS for $25 spend on certain baby items)
Huggies Diapers - save all coupons
Huggies Wipes - save all coupons
Similac and Enfamil - save all coupons
Schick Intuition Plus Razors (Smart Source 3/22/2009 $4.00/1) $1.99 for 2 razors
SkinIntimate Shave Gel - Free
Lindt Truffles (Smart Source 2/1/2009 - there is also a printable) - 2 for $3.00
Dawn Dish Soap (Home Made Simple Mailer) - $.50
Herbal Essence (Proctor & Gamble 3/15/2009 $1.00/1) - $1.99

~ April 12 - 18, 2009 ~

Softsoap Body Wash (All You Magazine March 2009 - $1.00/1) - $1.00 Moneymaker!!
Dove Hair Care (Red Plum 3/15/2009 - $1.00/1) - $1.99 for two
Garnier Hair Products (plus other products) (Red Plum 3/8/2009) $6.66 for 5

There are might be many more deals but for now, this is what I have assembled. I'll let you know when I discover more!