Setting Goals

We all have goals in life and many times our goals circle around our finances. In saving money, it always helps to have a goal for which you are reaching. It is more encouraging and really helps you stick with your budgets and plans.

What is your goal? Do you want to be debt free? Are you trying to buy a house? Do you need a bigger vehicle? Or would you just like to be able to save for when things happen and you really need the extra money? Are you expecting a new baby and need a little extra money to provide for that little one? Whatever your personal goal is, I challenge you to set a goal for your personal life and stick with it.

My family's personal goal is two-fold. We were debt free as of three weeks ago and we had determined during that time to set all extra money aside for a bigger vehicle. We are expecting baby #2 and were having a hard time fitting two car seats and a double stroller in our vehicle. I could not imagine going grocery shopping with my two kids because I would have had no where to put the items that I had purchased. We were determined to make it work if that is what the Lord wanted us to do but we also prayed that the Lord would provide a vehicle if that was his plan.

For 8 months, we searched and saved for a minivan that would have low mileage and last a long time. Three weeks ago, the Lord blessed us with a deal that we could not pass up. It came with a very good warranty - no, it's not brand new - and the price was less than the other vehicles we were looking at. When we make big purchases, we try to buy the best we can afford so that we will not have to purchase it again for a long time.

Our goal was not to go into debt with this vehicle but because of the timing, we chose to go into debt but now our goal is to pay it off by the end of the year. The first part of this goal will be cutting our grocery bill to just $40 - $50 dollars a week and using the remaining money that we would have previously used to pay the principle of the van. So we will pay the regular bill and then extra. All that extra goes to the principle so that we will owe less on interest and on the vehicle. I will keep you up to date with our goal.

Do you have a goal for this year? Share in it a comment here or post a link to your goal. We would love to hear about it! Goals really help and when we hear of others who have goals, it can be encouraging to us to keep going!