Do You Love Lucy Jewelry

I am a huge fan of Etsy. I just love to look around and see what people are selling and to see if there any great gift ideas that I can use for my many sisters. I have three sisters and two
sisters-in-laws, so looking for girly things is a must!

Just the other day I came across the neatest little boutique on Etsy called Do You Love Lucy. I found her jewelry unique and classy. It will stand out without being gaudy or overdone. She states that she uses high quality ribbon, sterling silver, and beautiful beads such as Swarovski (my favorite), Mother of Pearl, Venetian beads, and many others.

One of my favorites is the "Forever Yours" bracelet (pictured above). I love the heart beads along with all the other colorful ones that showcase them.

Another favorite is her "Light Pink Necklace". I love simple and this one is not only simple but elegant. I love that look!

Each item has free shipping in the United States and comes in a special gift box, all ready for you to give as a gift or you can always keep it for yourself. :-)

Be sure to check out Do You Love Lucy at her Etsy store here and her online store here.


DoYouLoveLucy said...

I am thrilled to be part of somebody's blog! I truly appreciate the support and love! Thanks so much for taking the time to blog about my jewelry! I'm taken back by all the wonderful people that I have encountered since I opened up!