Dry Cleaner's Secret - Fast, Frugal Way To Dry Clean!

I don't know if you are like me but when I look at what needs to be dry cleaned, I cringe. Not because it is a big pile (it isn't, I wash everything I can) but because I know it is going to cost me a small fortune! Anyone else feel the same way?

Two weeks ago, we dropped off my husband's suit. We knew that we were going to need it when he preached in two weeks. We were told it would be done in four days. When my husband got in the van, he handed me the slip and said "put this somewhere safe, I just know they are going to lose my suit." The cleaner had just lost the dry cleaning for the lady that was in line in front of him and he was a little concerned. The following Saturday, well after the pickup date, I walked in to pick up his suit. They couldn't find it anywhere! The lady asked me "Well, do you have to have it today?" Not only do I live 20 minutes away but my husband needed to preach the next day. So the hunt began for the very lost suit. I ended up waiting in town for an extra couple of hours and when they did find the suit, I was not offered a discount.

At that point, my husband and I decided that we would find an alternative to dry cleaning - $9.00 for dry cleaning one suit and all my time was certainly too much to pay!

This past Thursday, I came across Dry Cleaner's Secret at CVS and thought maybe this was my solution. With my Extra Care Bucks that I had earned, I purchased a box of Dry Cleaner's Secret to try. Since I save my Extra Care Bucks and often make money, I was able to purchase the box for $2.43. Normally this would cost $9.99. $9.99 sounds expensive but there are 6 separate cleansing cloths, so you can do 6 separate loads. In addition, you can clean up to 6 items at a time.

Price of cleaning 18 suits at Dry Cleaner Price - $162.00 or $9.00!
Price of cleaning 18 suits at Dry Cleaner's Secret Price - $2.43 or $.07 a suit!

I tried this product on one suit and a silk dress of my daughter's. It took 4 minutes of my time looking over each item for spots and using the cleansing cloth from the Dry Cleaner's Secret package to remove those spots. I then put the suit and dress in the dry along with the cloth for 20 minutes on medium heat. When I took them out of the dryer, the suit looked great and smelled very clean. The dress also looked great - it needed a little bit of steam to get a few wrinkles out.

I will definitely be using this product some more. The only problems I have with Dry Cleaner's Secret is that you there are few materials you can not use with it. If you plan to clean leather, you'll still have to take that to the dry cleaners.

To learn more, go here to check out their product.


KristinBrianne said...

I'm going to buy my Mom a box of this! We don't dry clean, I try my hardest to avoid anything with "dry clean" on the tag. They do, and this would save her so much money. This is a great post, and the savings are awesome.

Shanna said...

I never heard of this product before...thanks for 'testing' it out for us! I'll keep it in mind in the future.

Nick said...

I hadn't heard about Dry Cleaner's Secret either, but will give it a try. I have been washing some dry-clean only items using the tips in this little article called Can you wash dry clean only clothes

Thanks again :-)

Chris said...

As a dry cleaner owner and operator, I'm curious to know how this product actually cleans the garments. If all you're doing is putting a garment in a dryer, even a fabric softener sheet can make it smell nice and fluff up any garment. So where is the cleaning process of treating and removing stains and odors? If you spray a fragrance in a dirty room and make it smell nice, is it clean??

Also, the cost breakdown of 18 suits is incorrect. ANY dry cleaners' prices include tagging, linting, cleaning, pressing, inspection & correction, and FINALLY bagging (in order of operation between customers' drop-off and pick-up time). During inspection, any loose threading, broken buttons are corrected so they are "ready to wear." The household process only includes the cost of the cleaning agent itself. I guess the person's time and utilities isn't quantifiable in dollar figures. For this argument to be valid, the price of CLEANING & PRESSING the suit needs to be changed to ONLY COST OF CHEMICAL MATERIAL used to clean them. Or include the energy used to "dry" these garments, hang them up, press them, and finish with inspection and correction.

99% of customers believe all dry clean prices are too high and 100% of them do not know the costs involved in the process.

If all the consumer wants is cheap prices at cheap processing, than they can request for such or find a "depot" store. Any dry cleaner would love to take this product and use it at their facility to "clean" your garments and charge $0.05 cents per piece.