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I do not think there is a little girl out there that does not love dolls. My daughter just recently discovered them and has fallen in love. She does not have many of her own yet but my mom has kept many from when my sisters and I were little girls so Gracie enjoys playing with many "babies" when she is at Gramma's!

As we prepare for a new baby in our family, we have thought of ways that we could help prepare Gracie for this exciting time. Dolls have been a great way to introduce babies and when I came across JC Toys, I knew we had found the perfect dolls.

These dolls have such unique expressions and look so adorable. The Mini La Newborn babies look just like a newborn. What better way to introduce a new baby into the family than with a baby doll that looks similar to a real newborn. Gracie wants to do everything like mommy so now she can care for her "baby" while mommy cares for the new baby. You can choose the Mini La Newborn with closed eyes or an Asian Mini La Newborn with open eyes. You can also choose whether you want blue or pink clothes for each baby. What a cute addition to any "little mommy's" baby collection.

The other baby that I really loved is the Lots To Love Doll. She has the ability to get wet so your "little mommy" can take her in the bathtub or even in the pool. Gracie loves to give her babies a bath so it was great to see that the Lots To Love dolls can purchased with a bathtub. It is called the Me Too Playtime Bathtub. You can also purchase other great playtime accessories and every one of them comes with a Lots To Love

There are many more great dolls to see at JC Toys so just head here to take a look. I found their play dolls to be reasonably priced, ranging from $9.99 - $34.99. They do also have some great dolls that are for the doll collector and while these are reasonably priced, they are a little more expensive than the play dolls.

Thank you JC Toys for your great dolls. What a great accessory for any little girl who wants to be just like mommy.


Play Days Dolls said...

We couldn't agree more. Berenguer dolls have expressions that are timeless, and they are loved by girls of all ages. They are our most popular items in our online store.

Vanessa said...

awwwww...that's so cute!

KindNotes said...

These are amazing.

Keeper At Home said...

I just got an e-mail from JC Toys that I thought you all might like - they just introduced their 5 inch dolls with accessories and they are selling the entire set for $49.99! That's six dolls all coming with its own little accessory - walkers, bathtubs, swings - all kinds of fun stuff. You can even split this up to make six different gifts for birthdays and Christmas presents! That's only $8.33 a doll - a great deal!

Check it out here - http://www.jctoys.com/product/155130/16750./_/5%22_Dolls_with_Accessories_%28Set_of_6%29.