Money Saving Tips for Your Summer Travels

Are you doing some traveling this summer? We won't do a lot due to our new addition in July but we will still go to at least one camp and might go overnight somewhere. Here are some tips that might save you money as you travel:

1) If you are planning to go out to eat at all as you travel, research the restaurants in the areas that you plan on visiting. Sign up for their "clubs" or e-mail lists and you will often receive excellent coupons that can save you money. Oftentimes you will receive or find Buy One, Get One Free Entrees and if you are travelling with family or a companion - you can split the cost and often pay less for a nice restaurant than you would for fast food. Money Saving Mom will often post links to restaurants that have great coupons. I do not post as many as North Dakota does not have that many. Famous Dave's, TGIF, Ruby Tuesdays, Orange Julius, Sonic - are just a few that often send out coupons to those on their e-mail list.

2) Whether travelling in the car or on an airplane, your snack size bags are great for a quick bite to eat. I will often purchase snacks and organic granola bars for my daughter when they are free with coupons or very cheap. These are great for traveling, as they will save you money when you just need a little snack to tide you over until you get to your destination. Most airline flights will no longer supply you with free pretzels so these snack sizes bags are perfect for your airplane ride!

3) Use your free samples of shampoo and conditioner for your personal use on a trip. Not only are these small and take up little space, they are the perfect amount for everyday. Just use it and throw it! You don't have to worry about forgetting them in your hotel room because it didn't cost you anything and it is probably better than what the hotel supplies. These are also great to send with your kids to camp. Make a toiletry bag for your child and put a shampoo and conditioner in it label it with each day of the week. Not only will your child know how much to use but it will help you know how much to pack. The best part? They can just throw it away when they are done! You don't have to worry about whether they used shampoo - you'll know! :-)

4) Research things to do before you travel. If you would like to go sightseeing or visit a museum or amusement park - research your options. You can often find entrance passes that will save you a lot of money. Orbitz and Expedia are great places to look for package deals so that you can spend the least amount of money and see the most things. You will often be able to get a city pass for the price of just two of things on your list.

5) Enjoy yourself but take into consideration the age of your children. You can save money just by remembering what is age appropriate for your children. If you have a one year old and a three year old, they will probably have more fun at the zoo than at an amusement park and it might cost you less. You will be disappointed if you spend alot of money on something that your children are just not old enough to enjoy.

6) Take advantage of parks. Many cities all over the United States have great parks that cost nothing to get into. These can be the perfect place for your children to run around and just enjoy themselves. They don't know that it didn't cost you anything. Stop and have a picnic - making your own sub sandwiches can be a lot cheaper than buying them.

7) Look for events that are free. Almost every city has events that are free and that are great for the whole family! All over North Dakota, there are always "city days". They will include free parades, free kid activities, free food, and free shows. Take advantage of these - your family will have fun. The library reading programs are also great entertainment. These are free but also have neat incentives to entice your children to use their minds instead of playing in front of the computer or watching TV all day.

Do you have some other great money saving tips for the summer time? Feel free to leave a comment or even e-mail me at I'd love to post your thoughts and ideas!