New Look!

Thank you everyone for being patient with the site. I know links disappeared or didn't work right but now everything should be fixed. If you find an issue, please feel free to let me know. This was a pretty big project so I might have missed something.

I also want to thank my sweet sister, Hannah, who drew my header for me. She took a lot of time to represent my family minus my husband. I love the new header and I couldn't have done it without her!

Let me know your opinion - I really would love to know. Enjoy the new look and thanks again for being patient!


Lorraine Williams said...

looks great Rachael. Hannah did a great job on the header too.

Bridgette said...

Super cute! I do love the header. What talent! The only thing missing is as bow on Gracie. :-) jk

KristinBrianne said...

This is adorable, Rachael! Great job!