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If you are a frequent reader on this site, you will know that I love girly things! I have an 18 month old daughter and I must admit that although she might not always act like a little lady, mommy always tries to dress her like one. Hair bows are a necessity and even she has become to think so. With all the bows we have, there is the tendency to lose them. To me a lost bow is like lost money! I either spend money or time on those bows so I hate when one is misplaced!

The other day I came across an Etsy site that I just knew that I needed to share with my readers. It is called So Zoey Boutique
and she takes the
love of all things girly to a whole new level! When I dream of decorating my daughter's room this what I am looking for! Featured above are her very unique and classy hair bow holder gowns! She will custom design one for you and even make them to match your daughter's room theme. This a money saver because of how many bows it holds and they really are really inexpensive compared to what I have seen other places!

You can also purchase a bedroom ensemble set which is includes a hair bow holder gown, a unique headband holder and organizer, boutique chic padded memo board, and matching photo frame! These are so cute and practical. This would really be all you needed to make a little girl's dream room.

Another one of my favorites are her canopies. She will even make this match the hair bow holder gown and bedroom ensemble. For the cost of the canopy and entire room ensemble, you could make makeover your little girl's room for less than a hundred dollars! That is a lot less than it would cost if you found this somewhere else.

If you are considering making over your little girl's room, you must check out So Zoey Boutique. Not only will your daughter love it but it will a special room custom designed to fit her personality.


Anonymous said...

This boutique does excellent work and takes pride in all her creations. You won't be disappointed.

Melissa said...

How pretty!