Frugal Tips for Summer Fun!

This is one of those years where we are all trying to cut back financially. With the economy, I know many of us struggle financially or maybe you have been for several years. Some may not be struggling financially but you might be trying to save money so that you will be debt free or are saving for big purchase. Summer time can try your finances because your kids are home from school and they want to do something fun. Everyone seems to think that we have to go on vacation during the summertime. This year if you aren't going on vacation, why not teach your children and family to be content with staying home? Show your family that you can have fun right where you are! Have a Staycation! Here are some tips to fun, inexpensive way to have a vacation without having to travel far or stay anywhere but home:

1. Enjoy a camp out in your backyard. While this may not appeal to us adults, I can guarantee you that most children would think this was great fun! They are sleeping in a different place and enjoying the adventure of sleeping in a tent! You can could create your dinner out of doors and just enjoying "camping". This will save the cost of renting a campground and you won't have to travel anywhere to have fun.

2. Look in your local newspaper for fun kid activities. Many towns and cities have great projects for kids that are free or very little cost. I know that, once a month, Lowes does kid projects that are free. This projects are not only fun but something your family could do together. Your local library also has quite a few activities that go along with their Summer Reading Program.

3. Find a place that you can pick fresh fruits. There are often farms that allow you to pick strawberries, raspberries, and other fruits and you pay a small amount for to take it home.

4. Visit your local lakes and state parks. Spend the day hiking, pack a picnic lunch, go swimming, or just enjoy being outdoors.

5. Visit your local museum. Most of us have probably never even been to the museums that are near us. Most of us only think of going to places like that when we are vacation so we lose the joy of the ones nearest to us.

6. Engage your kids in some great home improvements. Do you have a piece of furniture that needs to be resanded? Do you have room that you could redecorate or rearrange? Let your children help - not only can they help figure out the best way to do this but they might also learn some new skills.

7. Visit your local zoo or animal park. These do not have to be large. You would be surprised that even the smallest of zoos can entertain your children.

8. Have a backyard summer bash. Invite your friends and kid's friends over for a barbeque. Get out the sprinkler and outdoor games. Just enjoy the fellowship - this does not have to cost alot. You could have everyone invited pitch in to bring one food item and it could be an inexpensive, fun time for all.

9. Have a craft day. Research some great summer crafts and just enjoy the day creating fun projects. You could even begin helping your kids make their Christmas presents for relatives and other family members.

10. Take advantage of local fairs, petting zoos, plays and other special events. You can find these in your local paper - just mark them on your calender and plan for them.

11. Schedule a game day. Have your kids pick their favorite games and spend the day or evening playing them.

12. Have a pizza party. Make your own homemade pizza crust or use french bread cut in half and allow your kids to prepare their pizza just they way they like them. Maybe throw in watching an old movie together and make it a great party.

13. Gather favorite old movies and enjoy a movie day. This is especially great on rainy days.

14. Go bowling. Many bowling alleys have special rates for kids during the summer time.

15. Stay up late and go stargazing. Some kids have never seen the beauty of the night sky. There is alot they can learn by just watching the stars.

16. Go to your local Farmer's Market. Our local Farmer's Market not only has great produce but they also do special events throughout the season.

17. Enjoy your local park and splash parks. These are free to enter and often more fun for your kids than anything else.

Do you have some great staycation ideas? Leave a comment and share them here. If you have blogged about this, share your link here.

If you live in the North Dakota region, go to Culture Pulse to find a list of events (many free) going on in our area.


ashley turner said...

Do you know of any of the places that let you pick the fruit for a small price? Kami picked strawberries at Her Auntie Aubries and now she keeps wanting to go pick strawberries. I would love to take her!

A Keeper At Home said...

Ashley, there is a raspberry farm near me. I do not know their prices. I can find out for you. It's about a five minute drive from my house. I don't know of any strawberry farms but I'll find out for you.

ashley turner said...

Thanks !