Stars and Stripes Fruit Kabobs!

Today Gracie and I decided to make a fun, inexpensive treat for tomorrow's festivities at my parent's house so we made Stars and Stripes Fruit Kabobs. It was a great easy, fun project. The only thing you have to watch for are the sharp ends on the end of the skewers. To make this great snack you will need - strawberries, blueberries, and marshmallows. The best marshmallows are the star shaped ones but I couldn't find them so we did regular ones :-) To see how to assemble these, be sure to watch the video that Gracie and I put together. (Gracie never gets marshmallows at my house so you will see her partaking of a rare treat :-) Couldn't keep her hands away - they were thoroughly washed and cleaned before we started!)