Baby Shower Bash - September 1 - 30, 2009

Coming this September to Money Saving Tips at a Keeper at Home is a Baby Shower like you have never seen! :-) It will be 30 Days of great informative posts, reviews of great products, and tons of wonderful giveaways all related to baby and mommy.

We are so excited about the birth of our second child that we just had to share it with you. Normally at a shower, the baby and the mommy are the only ones that receive anything - instead at this shower, the guests will walk away with all of the gifts! What a great way to have a shower!

I will still posting the weekly deals so be sure to stop by and catch those but most of the rest of the posts will be related to practical, frugal tips and products for having and raising a baby.

I want to thank the following sponsors for allowing this to happen. You will find these sponsors featured all throughout the month of September. Not only will you find great posts about them, they are all giving away some incredibly neat things!

To get a sneak peek at who is sponsoring this Baby Shower - be sure to watch the sidebar under "Sponsors". This is coming soon!