The Snoogie Seat - The Sweetest Seat Around!

When my daughter was born, we were given many different "necessary" baby products. While many were useful, we found that we didn't use all of them. Some of our favorites were a bassinet and a bouncy chair that she received from England. When she was a newborn though, we could not find anything that truly supported her whole body. Something she could just lay on. Boppy pillows serve a great purpose in helping to breastfeed but are not great when supporting your little one's whole body. With the birth of our new "little man", we discovered that two dad's got together and out of frustration created a great product called the Snoogie Seat. Daddy's Design is the name of the company that these two dads created to promote their Snoogie Seat.

The Snoogie Seat is a soft, pillow like chair that is shaped like a monkey. The face of the monkey is adorable and he has great arms that come around to support the body of the infant or
newborn residing in the chair.

When we first received our Snoogie to review, I thought it would be slightly smaller and even thought it might have some metal in it. I was pleasantly surprised that it is all pillow and extremely light. It is bigger than I expected but when I laid Gabriel in it, I loved how big it was because it supported him so well. As you can see on the right, he is loving and sleeping in his new chair.

Most baby items only last for a short period of your baby's life - normally three months and you are replacing it with a new item. When you live in a small apartment, this can be frustrating and very impractical. We really do not have the space for tons of baby items and have given away everything but the most practical. The Snoogie Seat however is one we will definitely keep! Since it is all pillow, there is no weight limit thus allowing it grow with Gabriel. I can see him using this for quite some time. I wouldn't be surprised to see him crawling in there with a book as he gets older.

The other great thing about the Snoogie Seat is that it can be used for supporting your newborn in your lap for feedings. It gives them just the right incline necessary.

This has a special place in daddy's home office so that Gabriel can hang out with daddy while daddy works. Daddy loves it and so does Gabriel!

If you are looking for a great shower gift or just a great chair for your own little one, the Snoogie Seat would definitely be a great pick. To purchase your own Snoogie Seat or to learn more about it, be sure to head here.

I want to thank Daddy's Design for allowing us to review our own Snoogie Seat. Gabriel and the whole family loves this great chair. Thank you for inventing something that supports my precious boy's whole body and offers him great support as he grows.