Cloud B Sleepy Giraffe - A Great Sleep Solution

Sleep is valuable thing right now. There sure does not seem to be enough to go around with 2 little people waking up in the middle of the night. My toddler seems to sleep through the night most of the time but occasionally like last night, she is up too. I'll admit the last thing I want to do is get up 4 or 5 times a night and this seems to invariably happen lately.

When I was introduced to Cloud B, all I knew of them was the Sleep Sheep that is so popular. I did not realize while I associatete the Sleep Sheep with them, there is so much more that Cloud B has to offer.

Cloud B is a company devoted to helping children sleep better. A child is healthier and happier if they get a good night's sleep. (So are the parents too!) Cloud B is so devoted to children getting a good night's rest that they have created an Advisory Board. The Cloud B Advisory Board makes sure that Cloud B's products are functional, safe, and good quality. Besides Cloud B's Sleep Sheep, they have developed an entire line of great products for baby's proper sleep. They have an entire 3-stage sleep system to help you as a parent provide the best environment in which your baby can sleep. You can get a Bamboo Lullawrap which helps in swaddling but also reduces the symptoms of colic as well as creating the feeling similar to being in the womb.

The next stage is Cloud B's Bamboo LullaBag. This continues to help your baby maintain body temperature as well as encourage him to sleep on his back. You can get this up to size 18 months! I have never seen a sleep bag that an 18 month could sleep in! This is especially great for colder climates like where my family lives.

You can buy the entire Cloud B Sleep System in an adorable cradle gift box. This would be a great baby shower gift and the new mommy can use the cradle to store diapers and baby supplies!

When Gabriel was born, we were give the opportunity to review the Gentle Giraffe, a friend of the Sleep Sheep. We absolutely love this cute little giraffe. Not only is he a cute addition to our family but he has really helped in times of sleeplessness.

The Gentle Giraffe has a sound system which you can set for 23 or 45 minutes. I love this because it will not interrupt your child's sleep cycle when he is finally asleep. The sleep box comes with four peaceful sounds: Safari Groove, Safari Trail, Victoria Falls and Mother's Heartbeat.

My toddler loves the Gentle Giraffe and her favorite tune is the Safari Groove. I am not sure the Safari Groove is the greatest noise to go to sleep to as she starts dancing to the music as soon as it starts. The others however are extremely relaxing. My personal favorite is Victoria Falls. This also happens to be the sound that Gabriel goes to sleep best to. He loves to sleep to the noise of the shower so Victoria Falls is perfect!

We love Cloud B and I think that you will too. It will definitely make the best shower gift for baby and mommy. Sleep is so important and Cloud B understands that for which I am so thankful!

You can purchase your Cloud B products online or at many local retailers. To find a local retailer, feel free to search here.