Deck of Chore Review

I am just beginning to work on chores with my daughter. She can not do any on her own yet but she can most certainly help!

Anything that helps me give her a head start on chores but also visualizes what we will be doing is great. My daughter is still a visual learner. She understands most of what I am saying but not everything.

When I was asked to review Deck of Chores, I was excited to see this fun, new way to help your child think that chores are fun. She is still not old enough to play card games but I use these cards with her to show her what I want her to help mommy with for the day. I put her one chore on the fridge and she anticipates what she will doing. She loves just about any aspect of chores right now because she thinks it is a game, she doesn't know it is work. Deck of Chores makes it fun and exciting for her.

Deck of Chores can be played in so many ways! Any way that you would normally be play cards, these can be used. You can also hand out the cards you would like your child to do that week. Deck of Chores has some great ideas on how to incorporate their cards into your family's life.

This is a fun and exciting way to engage your children in the necessary and important learning of responsibility and structure. You can purchase Deck of Chores for $14.99 here. This will be well worth the investment if it makes chores a fun learning experience!