First Steps with Stride Rite SRT Giveaway

Do you remember the time your baby took her first steps? Or maybe you are eagerly awaiting the day your baby takes his or her first steps.

I remember the excitement and thrill when Gracie began her first steps. She was so determined to walk but at the same time a little timid. She would pull herself up in the middle of the floor and just look at us like what do I do next? We would cheer her on with "come on, baby, you can do it!" She would have no problem dancing while she stood there but to actually take steps, it seemed like a major issue.

The day she finally began walking, she began giggling after taking her first couple of steps. I was working in the kitchen and daddy was about to come home. She was so thrilled with her accomplishment - shaky but thrilled. A happier baby, you couldn't find.

Since she began walking in early Spring, her favorite shoes of choice were a pair of rubber boots. She would seek them out every morning as soon as she was out of bed and would even eat breakfast in these boots.

Some of her many first steps were taken in mud puddles - she learned quickly to stomp her feet to make the water splash. Many a times, she landed on her behind in those puddles but she was so thrilled that a little water sure did not bother her.

Her first steps were so much fun and something I will never forget. It not only opened up a new world to her but the world became an exciting place as she has explored and become more steady on her feet.

As a parent, it is wonderful to watch the joy on my daughter's face as she makes huge strides in life - learning and enjoying all the new adventures that walking as enabled her to have. It sure has made life a whole lot more of an adventure for me as I try to keep up with her but I wouldn't trade those first steps for the world.

As I search for shoes for my little one, I look for the support and comfort that her little feet need so when I was contacted by Momfluence and Stride Rite to share Stride Rite's new SRT shoes with you, I was thrilled.

Stride Rite's Sensory Response Technology Shoes help your baby as she learns to walk by making her aware of how her feet are moving. They have Sensory Pods in them that provide feedback to your child on just how to use her feet.

The shoes are lightweight, flexible, and made from eco-friendly materials. I think they are super cute and the materials make the shoes durable and long lasting through the wear and tear that a little one can put on shoes as they begin to walk.

They offer great support and even include a removable sole with a Check Fit system so that you can measure it against your child's foot to know when he needs a new size.

Would you like to know more about these shoes? Make sure you check out Stride Rite site and even become of a fan of theirs on Facebook! They often have great giveaways going on at their Facebook site and you know that you would love to win one of these!

Speaking of winning one these fantastic shoes, 5 winners will be chosen to receive one pair of SRT shoes, available in sizes 3 to 8 infant/toddler (including medium and wide). Each pair is a retail value of $50.

This contest is open to legal U.S. residents 18 years or older. The giveaway begins at 12:00 a.m. ET September 14th and ends at 11:59 p.m. ET September 28th. Five winners will be chosen to receive a pair of SRT shoes – toddler size only ($50 RV per pair).

What's your favorite first steps story? Did you save your child's first shoes? Share your sweet memories here in the comments. I would love to hear them!


Silvia said...

My second son started walking around 14 months, the weather was very nice back there so we didn't use any shoes and he loved to be barefooted. However he soon discovered every time we went out we put shoes on his little feet. Since then, every morning he takes his shoes and say go, go, go.... he loves to be out of the house :)

Thanks for the fantastic giveaway

whippetmom said...

My son was (and still is) a puddle jumper, his favorite shoes have always been rain boots and croc-like styles because I don't mind him splashing in puddles in these :) He used to bring me his shoes and beg to go outside by essentially banging the shoes on the door (before he could talk!) :)

Chadzgirl said...

My kami is a girly girl and likes pretty things, her bows in her hair, necklaces, purses, to dress up. One of her most favorite pairs of shoes were her Cinderella ones. She called them her princess shoes, although she had never seen any of the disney princess movies she loved the princess on them. She would wear them everywhere, out side to play, do town to do our shopping for a quick stop to grammies, but most defiantly to church.
well the shoes were way beyond to small, so mommy and auntie moomoo tried to take her shopping for another pair of dress shoes or just some new favorite ones. Being the girly girl she is she chooses purple sparkly ones... Her new favorite color!

Anonymous said...

My daughter hated shoes, still does. She would immediately rip off her shoes and socks from the time she was able to. There were a number of times that we would leave the house, only to find out her shoes had been left behind! My son, on the other hand, is the potential shoe fashionista! If I win, I'd like the shoes to be for him in a size 8 (7 would work also)

Angela R. said...

I do not have kids yet but I remember when my niece first started walking. It was such an exciting time! My favorite thing now is to go shoe shopping with her because she is fascinated with them .

cdziuba said...

I will never ever forget our oldest (of four kids) taking her first steps. She was between two chairs, and she let go of holding on to one chair and took a step to the other. Magical!

Anonymous said...

Watching my Grandson take his forst steps was wonderful! Brought back all the memories of my son, now 28, first walking! Boy, but once they start waliing, it's all over! They are into everything! Wouldn't have it any other way :)

Stephanie said...

My little boy didn't walk until 15 months so we were all waiting. One night he just looked at me, smiled, and took his first steps giggling in the family room. Of course my husband and I were squealing with delight.
tvollowitz at aol dot com

blabla3269 said...

my son had no interest in walking and at 14 months I was getting worried then one day my friends little girl grabbed his barney and walked into the middle in he room and and he got so mad he just let go of the couch and ran right after her like he had been walking all along.

katzkids said...

I remember the excitement on my kids faces when they took their 1st steps.I didn't save their shoes because they got passed down to other family members kids.I allways saw those bronzed baby shoes and thought that was cute.

mscoffee77 said...

Our first son(now 3 1/2) didn't walk until 1 day before he turned 16 months. To celebrate his first steps, we took him to Stride Rite to purchase his first pair of real shoes. I also purchased those little plastic things you put the laces through so he couldn't untie them. The saleswoman told us no child has taken them off their shoes that she's ever heard of. Well, our little boy had them off before we even got home-haha. We still have those shoes and the plastic lace containers:)

Anonymous said...

My twin sons started walking at 12 and 13 months of age and I did save their first shoes... We had them fitted for them at a local shop where they made over them and took pictures... It was a memorable day!

Sue Ellen Dickson said...

I have four girls and they are all in love with shoes!! My 3 year old pulled all her shoes out the other day in pairs and set them in displays in her room and told me she was opening a shoe store!! A girl after my own heart :)

Lynette Van said...

My Vincent's first steps I have on a video from my cell phone. He walked like Frankenstein with his hands in the air. So very cute. I have two boys and I have saved both of their first shoes. They are the ones I loved the most and only they wore them. We did not share their first shoes. I am a HUGE shoe person so my boys have more shoes than most girls I suspect. :)

ali said...

My twin boys - it was funny that one of my boys, C, would always do something and two days later, like clockwork, K would follow behind. So when C began walking, two days to the day later - K began walking (same with potty training and everything else).

I miss those first steps. My twins are six now and my daughter is five. I miss when they are first walking and so wobbly. ;)

Thank you! atraditionalsurro at comcast dot net

bridget3496 said...

I was a very young mom, having had my daughter at 16. We took a vacation to a little town called Cottonwood, Alabama to visit my best friend from high school. My friends dad had just opened a pizza shop and with the help of myself and several little high school kids working at the Pizza place. My daughter took her first steps right there in Uncle Donalds Pizza Parlor.

Noggy said...

I actually had my first son's shoes bronzed and made into bookends. I gave them to my mother as a momento for being the Best Grandma in the World.