Giveaway Rules

To just clarify the rules for giveaways. Please do not let this clarification scare you away from entering - sometimes the rules are not understandable and that is might fault so I apologize for that. If you have a question about an entry - feel free to email me.

1. If you refer someone, they have to be that one that lets me know that you referred them. This must be done in a separate entry.

2. Make sure you do the #1 entry before you do any other entries. If that first one is not done, none of the others will count and will be deleted.

3. Please also if you enter more than once on accident - I would love if you deleted the extra entries.

Just today, I had to delete many many entries that did not follow the giveaway rules. I hate doing this but I want to make this fair for everyone.

Thank you all for entering and for taking an interest in the products that the sponsors have so generously donated. It is fun for me to be able to "make someone's day" when they win!


Chadzgirl said...

so sorry for that I was confused I guess I thought I would be the one to let you know that I referred them... would you like Bambie to go back in and make a separate entry for my referral?

A Keeper At Home said...

No worries!!! This was not directed at you in any way! Deleting comments is something I do everyday so I saw this confusion along with some others so I thought I would clear it up. Please do not feel bad, I have made similar mistakes.

If she would like to to make her extra entries, she most certainly can. I think for some she did but I am not sure.

Thanks for entering and please do not think it was directed at you. Things happen and I felt this was more my fault by being more understandable.