Movie Tuesday - Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland

Last Tuesday, Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland released on DVD. We were thrilled to review this video as we love Mickey Mouse. To me, Mickey Mouse is a classic - something I grew up with and cute enough that I am thrilled to share him with my daughter.

This DVD was perfect for her because it is geared toward preschoolers. I knew she loved it because she was memorized for most of the DVD. To watch a whole movie is not normal for her because she is constantly moving. We try to keep movies limited also.

I love how this movie focuses on counting. I wasn't sure that Gracie would pick up anything from the movie as she is still little but I was wrong. Just the other day, I heard her counting to five while listening to her on the baby moniter. This I am pretty sure came from Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland and their adventures in finding the cuckoo bird.

This is definitely a cute movie for preschoolers with all of your classic Mickey Mouse characters. Who can resist Goofy?

You can pick up Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland locally or online at the Disney store.

Disclosure: This review is based on my own opinion of the movie. I was sent a copy of the movie to keep from Click Communications. Click Communications was not involved in anyway in the writing of my review.