As I began my search to provide the most information to my readers during my baby shower bash, I came across MyBestBirth. I had heard about their video "The Business of Being Born" right after having my daughter and was very intrigued. Unfortunately I forgot about it when pregnant with my son and so was unable to use this information when giving birth to my son at the end of July.

MyBestBirth is more a forum to ask questions and support others in finding out the best alternative methods to giving birth. If you have a question about anything related to birth - MyBestBirth can help in a way that is from a different perspective than your normal hospital's perspective. You can also watch some great webisodes that are sneak peeks of their DVD that will be released sometime this fall.

I do believe that MyBestBirth will revoluntize the way you think about your birth experience. I truly believe that home birth is a wonderful thing and is something definitely worth looking into. MyBestBirth will help you understand the negative and positive effects of all the things that we hear about epidurals, Pitocin, and the other many drugs and medications they give you at the hospital.

I truly believe that the best birth experience is an informed birth decision so feel free to join MyBestBirth's forum and ask away. I'm sure you will not regret it. Also be sure and let them know that Money Saving Tips for a Keeper at Home sent you.

*Disclosure: This post is my opinion only and not to be take as medical advice in anyway. This post was also not sponsored in anyway by My Best Birth. I found this resource to be incredibly helpful and informative so I shared it with you.