A Note To All My Readers

Hello Everyone,

I want to thank you all for your support of Money Saving Tips for a Keeper at Home. Without all of you readers, this site would not be what it is today.

I want to let you know that if you are awaiting an email from me, they are coming. My laptop has decided over the last few days to die so I have fallen a little behind as I sought to save all the work and pictures that are stored there. Praise the Lord as of tonight all of that has been saved and my laptop will head to the shop tomorrow for a new fan motor. (in October, I will share why laptops overheat and what you can do to save yours).

You will receive emails shortly and the Baby Shower Bash will keep going. There will be tons of giveaways related to baby this month but in addition, you will find many more giveaways related to Back To School. Since you readers are so great, these giveaways are my way of giving back to you and your support.

Thanks everyone for your support! Keep reading and feel free to share the word about Money Saving Tips for a Keeper at Home. I love the new readers that you all bring to the site.

Thanks again!