On The Fly Bottle Warmer

As a busy mom, it seems that there are weeks that we are constantly on the go. We are busy running one errand after another. We are getting ready to move now so I know when the move comes upon us, we are going to be busier than ever.

I breastfeed Gabriel but there are times when I have to pump and he has to take a bottle. If we are going to go more than an hour drive, I pump just in case he gets hungry. He is not quite to the stage where I can plan all of his feedings.

When I thought about giving him a bottle, I cringed. I remembered vividly the struggle I had with Gracie giving her cold milk when we were on the go. There were not portable bottle warmers so she often suffered. I knew this was going to happen with Gabriel and cringed because he is even pickier than his sister.

Then I was introduced to a new product called On The Fly Bottle Warmer! What a fantastic idea this is! Free To Be Me Baby Products, LLC, came up with great idea for practical, fashion conscious moms. They are moms just like us who are busy but love to be fashionable as well as practical.

The On The Fly Bottle Warmer is a bottle warmer like nothing I have ever seen. It starts off with a cute cow patterned bottle sock which is made to hold one air activated bottle warmer. The warmer is all natural made of iron powder, water, activated carbon, wood, powder and salt.

I was curious to see if this would work for Gabriel. It seemed like it would but I was skeptical about whether it could make a cold just out of the fridge bottle warm or if it was just good for formula that had been made with warm water or that was room temperature.

This was wonderful! It warmed my son's cold bottle of breast milk up to just perfect temperature! It even works with my very large mouth Breastflow bottles.

I struggled a little bit with getting the warmer to stick but once I covered it up with the sock it was great!

No more cold bottles for Gabriel and no more worries for mommy that she won't be able to warm his bottle up. And to top it off, Gabriel's bottle looks SO cute in it's little cow patterned bottle sock.

You can purchase your own at Ontheflybottle.com for $30 for a 5 oz bottle kit or $35 for a 9 oz bottle kit. The refills will cost between $15 and $17 according to the size bottle you have. This would make a great shower gift for the busy mom who is often on the go!