Treasure Tuesday: A Word Fitly Spoken

As I meditated on my treasures today, "a word fitly spoken" just kept coming to mind. This might seem like a strange treasure but one thing I am learning is that when a friend speaks something at the right time and in the right manner, it can be a true treasure. Sometimes it is exactly what I hear to encourage me to keep going as a mommy, wife, and a blogger. Sometimes it is just what I need to examine my heart and see if my attitude and actions are right.

I know sometimes I can take my words lightly and not think before I speak but I am learning what a treasure it is to choose your words wisely, do not over talk, listen, meditate, and then talk.

Just this weekend, I had the opportunity to get together with two sweet ladies and this exactly how our conversation was. It was light for the most part but there were some deep moments of helping each other out with some issues that come up. We all walked away encouraged and desiring more of that time because it was not empty but rewarding. How I treasure those times!

What is your treasure this week? Has someone encouraged you this week with some "choice silver"? Feel free to share your treasures or fitly spoken words in the comments. I love to hear your thoughts!