An Alternative to Christmas and Birthday Gifts

Have you noticed how many gifts that kids seemed to get and they play with them for five minutes and they get shoved in a toy box never to be seen again? How about shopping for adults? Sometimes, that is a nightmare for me because I honestly do not know what they need or want and do not want to get something that they really do not know what they are going to do with it.

I recently came across a site called I will be honest the name made me feel a little selfish and turned me off at first. However, this really is a great concept and after I got over the name, I loved it. Instead of receiving gifts that are not needed, a person can post on this site what they are saving for and people can donate to that fund.

This site is completely free to anyone who would like to set up a fund to receive donations. You can receive donations for charities, college funds, car funds, and any other kind of gift that you are thinking of. The person that donates will receive a small credit card fee to process the donation. The site is very secure and you can set up the bank account in which you want the money to go to.

I registered for my own account at Gimmepleez and have begun saving to buy my husband some new suits for his job as an Assistant Pastor. I did not set it up necessarily so others could donate but so that I myself could see the amount that had been saved.

Next time, you wonder what to give a family member have them set up an account at Gimmepleez to help you and everyone else out. I think this would be a great concept for Christmas and birthdays - no more unwanted presents.