Built: A Fashionable Way To Protect Your Laptop!

Laying in the mud under the vehicle, lay my laptop. It had slipped out of the laptop case that I had forgotten to zip. Thankfully, it was unhurt but as you can imagine the thoughts of my laptop being destroyed were definitely playing in my mind. All I could think was "I just got it out the shop and now this!"

I love laptop bags and backpacks but sometimes it is nice to have some extra protection for your computer. We often put other things in our cases and backpacks exposing our laptops to possible damage. Built has created a special laptop sleeve that allows your laptop to stay protected in a fun, fashionable way.

I had the privilege of reviewing one of their sleeves and was very impressed. My laptop sleeve is such a fun, colorful polka dot and is perfect for my personality. Built has a great many different sleeve styles to choose from so that you can find the perfect one to match your personality.

I love that the Built laptop sleeve is made from Neoprene which is a great fabric.  It is the same material that is used in wet suits so it will keep my computer dry but also if there is moisture, it will wisk it away and not mold. 

I have used this sleeve for everywhere. I love that it snugly fits my 15.4 inch laptop and keeps it protected. It is not bulky which allows it to even go through the airport without being taken out of the sleeve!  I always put my sleeve and laptop inside my laptop bag not only for the extra protection but also so that I can safely carry my cord, the items I might be reviewing at the time, and my planner. I now feel good about taking my laptop case somewhere because I know that it is protected from all harm and it looks stylish at the same time! Also if I forget to zip my laptop bag, it is now protected if it should fall out.

The zipper on this sleeve is also impressive as it is very heavy duty and very unlikely to break.

Built has a great collection of laptop bags, laptop sleeves, and many other really neat items to choose from. There are great colors on everything which I love.  They have some fantastic grocery totes and kitchen items as well as diaper bags and other baby related items.  There really is something for everyone!  These would make a great gift or even just a great purchase for you. You can check out their site at BuiltNY.com.