Guest Post: Bzz Agent

I asked Kristin from Making Cents Out Life to share a fun opportunity that any of my readers can participate in.  You do not have to be a blogger to review items so I thought it would be fun for Kristin to share BzzAgent with those of you who are interested in reviewing items and sharing them with others!  Kristin also blogs about other great money saving tips and freebies! 

One of the most fun ways to try new products is to join programs that give you products and services for free, or significantly discounted, in exchange for your honest opinion and word of mouth advertising. There are a lot of those programs available but my favorite is Bzz Agent. I have been a member of Bzz Agent for about 4 years, and have been provided many opportunities to try products and services I might not get to try otherwise. I've never paid anything out of pocket for these things, but I can honestly say I'm a regular consumer of everything I've tried.

Bzz Agent is a word of mouth advertising company that works by manufacturers providing products in exchange for word of mouth advertising by "Bzz Agents". Campaigns are offered to agents based on demographics and other profile components, and as you advance you are given the opportunity to participate in more campaigns. Each Bzz Kit usually consists of the product, a few samples, and coupons for the product if applicable. If the campaign is for a service, the agent is provided with a free period of time to try the service, and sometimes offered a discounted rate after that if continued use is requested. Each campaign is completely voluntary, and you only sign up if you wish to participate.

Bzz Agents are asked to submit Bzz reports about their word of mouth advertising, describing how you told your friends and family and others about the products or services. Bzz Agents may also submit video reports, or vlogs about their experiences. These reports are rewarded with MyPoints, which can be redeemed for gift cards to hundreds of retailers across the nation. The typical Bzz report is granted 50 MyPoints, but you can earn more or less depending upon the information you include with your report. You may decline a campaign any time, and there will be others. Occasionally Bzz Agent will get a product that the manufacturer cannot afford to give away for free, therefore Bzz Agent must charge agents a fee for the product or service at a deeply discounted rate. Products in the past have been video games and other electronics. To be honest, I pass those up because I won't purchase an item to review that I'm not already in need of.

I've been fortunate enough to have campaigns for products like OFF, Windex, got2be hair products, Covergirl Outlast, Diet Mountain Dew, and so many more I can't name them all. These are household products you'll get to try as a Bzz Agent. You'll have a very easy time Bzz-ing these products because a lot of the time your friends, family and co-workers are already using them and love them. Bzz Agent isn't a program for someone who just wants free stuff without work, it's a program for people who want to form a partnership with businesses by building relationships between people, companies and great products. It's one of the most rewarding programs in which I've ever participated, and I truly believe you'll enjoy it as well.