Ideas and Help Wanted!!

So my readers that have been with me for awhile know that we recently purchased a house.  We rented it out for a short period of time but on the 25th of this month, we are getting the keys to our home.  We are so excited and can hardly wait....except....for all that packing.   I have begun already and my goal is to pack at least 4 boxes a day and I think I'll be done. My plan after my four boxes a day is to cook meals that can be frozen and cooked in the middle of our move. 

We plan to pull up the carpet in our living room and dining room and lay laminate flooring.  We also plan to paint most of the house.  We get the keys on the 25th of October and our goal is to be in our house completely (with this apartment cleaned) on the 22nd of November. 

We have two little people under 2 - one being an infant still.  Ideas anyone of how to make this go smoothly?  How about recipe ideas that are fast and easy to make but also freeze well?  Painting tips?  Laminate flooring techies out there?  Organization help?  Leave some comments or send me an email with some great ideas.   I would love to share them with everyone but they would also be a HUGE help to me! 

PS.  In case you are worried, the blog will continue and there will still be GREAT giveaways going on for the holidays!  Everything is in the works so that you all keep dropping by.  :-)



ShaRhonda said...

Cute, Cute House! Congratulations! It seems like you have the plan laid out very well. The only thing I did not see was the babsitting schedule, but I am sure you have plenty of volunteers!

A Keeper At Home said...

Actually I am still working on that one. We haven't completely decided what we are doing with our kiddos. My mom plans to help with them but we haven't worked it all out yet. :-)

katy said...

I don't have any moving tips. Good luck with the move.

Brandy said...

I have moved around a lot in my lifetime and usually we just buy some beer and invite a bunch of friends and family to help . It's especially nice if you know some people with trucks so you don't have to pay for the Uhaul