Little Showoffs: A Great Way To Show Off Your New Little One!

When I was expecting my second baby,  we were so excited that Gracie was going to be a big sister.  We made a big deal about this because we were excited and wanted her to be just as excited.  She was not even one yet when we found out so it sure didn't click.

When Gabriel was born, she was a little older and ready to embrace the idea of being a big sister.  She is a wonderful big sister and we wanted everyone to know that she was.  It was incredibly hard to find a shirt that said "big sister" on it so when I found out about Little Showoffs, I was excited. 

When they asked me to pick the shirt I wanted to review, it was no problem at all.  We choose the red "big sister" shirt, which I love!  The red color is very vibrant and the material feels so soft.  The letters of the shirt are not small like some shirts, the words "big sister" definitely stand out and make a statement.

I love how this shirt looks on her.  It is so adorable and while fall has hit here, it is a little hard to wear a t-shirt so I just added a long sleeved shirt underneath and it worked perfect!

Little Showoffs has so many shirts to choose from!  I love all the sizes that they have.  Everyone in the family can have shirt that shows off how proud they are.  Everything from maternity to new parenthood is included for adults.  "Brand new" to "Future hockey player" is included for the cute little one in your life. 

I have definitely decided that Gabriel now needs the cute baby blue color that says "little brother".  You can also purchase the shirts in long sleeved which I love!  In North Dakota, we spend most of our year in long sleeves so this is pretty important to me.

The next time you are looking for a unique baby gift, be sure to check out Little Showoffs.  Every shirt is high quality with just the cutest sayings for any occasion.