Logitech Laptop Cooling Pad

My computer was so hot, you couldn't touch it!  It was reaching 185 degrees in 10 seconds and was in danger of burning out some very important components of my laptop!

To combat that this known HP issue, my husband bought a Targus cooling pad, which retails for $34.99.  We really thought that this would solve the problem.  Not even one week later, my cooling pad sounded like a rocket ship was going off in my house.  It was so loud that I couldn't think to work so I would turn it off.   It couldn't cool the computer because it wasn't working but I just couldn't think.  My husband tried to fix the issue and it stopped cooling as well.  We thought this was an isolated problem with my cooling pad so he bought two more for our church's office.

Huge mistake!!  Every single one of these sound like a rocket is going off and no one can work with the noises they make.  We all figured there had to be a solution so I contacted Logitech to see if I could review one of their units.

The unit that they sent me is the Logitech Notebook Cooling Pad (N100) (ARV $29.99) . I was immediately impressed with the sleek, modern design.  I love the curve of the design because it allows air to flow through easily keeping my computer cool.  There is only one fan versus the two fans that the Targus had but I have found that this fan seems to be more powerful than the two of the Targus.

The Logitech keeps the computer up a little bit making it not only nice to type with but it is easier to see the laptop screen.  The Targus cooling pad was flat and offered none of these nice features.

The noise level on this one is nothing.  I was so used to the loud, obnoxious sound from the Targus that when I received the Logitech to review, I couldn't figure out if it was running or not.  I actually turned it upside down to see if the fan was moving.  It was so quiet!  I received the unit at the beginning of September and after two months of use (I have moved the laptop and cooling pad around my house), it is still quiet!
It has keep the computer very cool and I am very much in love with it.  It connects by USB and I have not noticed that this reduces the battery life that much.  My laptop runs at least 12 hours a day so I have run the cooling pad pretty hard and I am very pleased with its performance.

If I were to buy another cooling pad today, I would definitely choose the Logitech over all the others I have tried.  (To date, this is the 4th brand of cooling pad.) 

You can purchase Logitech Notebook Cooling Pad (N100) from Amazon.com.  This would make the perfect holiday gift for any college student or individual who uses their laptop on a consistent basis.  Cooling pads are an necessity with any type of laptop.

Disclosure: This review is based on my own honest unbiased opinion of Logitech Cooling Pad. You may or may not agree with my opinion. I was sent product free of charge to review. No one from Logitech was involved in the writing of this post


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