Minute Brown Rice: A Frugal Favorite

Do you have a minute?  If you have one, can you come over and donate it to me because it seems that I have run all out of minutes.  With packing and life with two littles under two, I can barely breathe let alone have a spare minute.  I laughed the other day when I filled out a form that asked what I like to do in my spare time.  "What spare time?" is what ran through my head.  I know that I am not the only mom out there that thinks the same way.

When I had the opportunity to review Minute Brown Rice, I was thrilled.  This is already a staple in my home but giving my thoughts on an already family favorite?  How could I resist?  I love that Minute Brown Rice is not only healthy but quick and easy.  I love to add this to my favorite recipes like Chicken and Broccoli Casserole and Barbecued Shrimp. 

I'll admit my husband loved Minute Rice but he is not into brown rice.  He would much prefer the white rice so this was not a great hit with him. 

While he was gone one day, I did grab out the two Ready to Serve microwaveable Minute Rice that I was also sent to review.  I did not think this was going to taste very good at all.  How can rice in the microwave been any good? 

It was actually really yummy!  You do not add water to it - you just pop it in and it is really ready 60 seconds later!  This was so fast and easy.  I did not really have time to fix lunch or take away from my packing so I loved how good it was even though it was microwaved. 

You could easily add this rice to any recipe just like you would the larger boxes of rice.  I also love how affordable Minute Rice is.  I often find coupons for it and combine that with a sale to get an excellent deal!

Right now, Minute Rice is celebrating their 60th Anniversary.  You can find lots of great recipes, memories, and even vintage print ads on their website. 

What are your favorite recipes with Minute Rice

Disclosure: This feature is based on my own opinion of Minute Rice. You may or may not agree with my opinion. I was sent items to review for this post.  This items in no way influenced my honest opinion.  No one from Minute Rice was involved in the writing of this post.