Mostly Organized Moms: Drawer Labels To Help Your Child

As I pack, I have labels EVERYWHERE!!  During our last move, my husband chose to move us while I was gone and when I came back he had stuffed everything in trash bags.  Not my way of packing!  We laugh about this "move" as we pack now - it took me 2 years to unpack us from that fiasco.  I'm still finding things I have been missing in strange garbage bags.

When I had the chance to review Mostly Organized Moms, I was excited.  Being organized is what I am striving for and will be trying to put it to even more practice when we move. 

What I love about Mostly Organized Moms lil' dressers, is that this teaches my daughter to be organized and independent.  Gracie is just growing into the stage where she wants to dress herself so finding her clothes easily makes this important stage fun for her.

Lil' Dressers are drawer labels for your child's dresser.  These are not colored and are in black and white so that they can do it themselves.  They also come in a set of boys and a set for girls. Gracie and my husband colored her labels.  It was fun to watch them do this together and of course Gracie loved it. 

This has helped my husband to be able to easily find both kid's clothing as it is harder for him to get them dressed than it is for me.  This has been a great addition to keeping our family organized!

You can purchase your own at Mostly Organized Moms for $9.50. This could really help your child be more independent and make your life a little easier!