Our First Night in Our New Home

It has happened – we are spending the first night in our new house. It is chaos right now but it is still our home. Our carpet is out and there are still carpet strips all over the place. The paint is wet downstairs and upstairs, the work has not begun.

We are exhausted and are striving to keep from snapping at each other from the stress and tiredness. Our kid's schedules are off and as I write this, the town's 10:00 siren just woke up my 3 month old.

In all of this, I am so thankful and very much overwhelmed. This house is our first home and really it is more than we ever dreamed. Does it need work? Oh yes, it does but the Lord has blessed with some extra cash (that could have only come from Him) and we are doing some of that work now. It is an exciting time that we now live in and I am thrilled to watch the changes.

We are sleeping here a little earlier than planned so please bear with me as I have no Internet set up yet. I stand on my deck to get Internet but that's another blog post for another day. :)


katy said...

Congrats! Enjoy making that house a home.

Kristin said...

Congratulations! Ditto Katy's comment. I hope all is settled and calm for you soon! Enjoy the chaos of your first home! Those little hectic moments make the best memories for mom and child.