Treasure Tuesday - Forgotten Love

I walked by you today and realized that I had forgotten the love I first had for you.  I can still remember the excitement I had when I knew you were coming.  There was a hype and giddy feeling as I prepared to walk in your door.  My bags were packed and I was ready.  You were clean and bright and ready for my stay. 

Today, is a different story.  I have packed my bags and am ready to leave you.  I am excited at the prospect of something bigger than you and while I will always love you, it is time to move on.  I just needed space and that was something you could not give.  I still think you are beautiful but it is time to pass you on to someone who will cherish you like I once did. 

I will never forget the memories you hold.  The first day, I walked in the door and saw how lovely everything looked.  You were prepared with loving hands just for me.  You were a dream come true for a young couple just starting out.  You have had a special part in my daughter's newborn beginnings and in her toddler days.  You were the first place she walked in.  You were the place she took her first bites of real food.  You were the place that Dylan and I dedicated our lives to serving the Lord.  You were the safe haven that I brought my son home to.  I will always treasure the good times my family had in you, dear apartment. 

In one week's time, I will have abandoned you for a bigger, newer place but I will always cherish the memories I have.  We will miss you as you are the place our family grew into what it is today but it is time to give you back to my daddy (our landlord) and let your keys go to someone else. 

Do you have a treasure this week?  What is special in your life?  What has touched your heart the most?