Green Christmas Present Idea #2: Target Gifts

Many of my faithful readers know that I am a HUGE fan of Target.  I do a lot of my shopping there because Target has phenomenal deals that put every other store to shame.   Most of my Christmas shopping and grocery shopping for the holidays have been done at Target and I am in fact headed there today.

When I found out that Target has some unique gifts for the Christmas holidays, I was thrilled to share them with my readers.  Target has been working on going green as much as possible this year. Here are two great gift ideas that you can find that encourage your family in their "going green" efforts:

Apple Tree-to-be Kit: This kit includes everything a budding gardener needs to grow her very own oxygen generator. The seedling grows in a pot through the winter until it’s read to be planted in the yard.

What a fun gift a child to watch their tree grow all winter and then plant in outside to continue to watch it grow.  You can purchase this fun gift for $19.99.

  Kid’s Kit for a Greener World: Children learn how to keep the Earth healthy with this kit featuring a field guide and storybook. Introducing Waverly, an adorable water drop.
Kids are always full of questions that begin with the word "why?"  Why not give them a gift that shows them why and how our Earth takes care of itself and why it needs their help.  You can find this unique gift at Target for $29.99.

If you are interested in more green gifts, just take a walk through Target the next time you are there and you should find many.

Disclosure: I did not receive compensation of any kind for this post. No one from Target was involved in the writing of this post.


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