Hoping You Had a Great Thanksgiving!!

Things have been crazy the last few days as we unpacked and prepared the house for the many people we would have over today. It started with prep yesterday, including getting the turkey ready.  It was a 21 pound turkey and the goal was to soak in a brine over night. 

I don't know about you but I hate how slimey and disgusting the turkey feels!

And finding the yucky giblets and neck is pretty disgusting! And I didn't realize that there were two bags of giblets!

Well, when I went to put the turkey in the brine - the brine overflowed everywhere! I was told that the bucket was a 5 gallon - note to self - check the bucket! It was a 4 gallon, not able to hold 2 gallons of brine and a 21 pound turkey.

I will admit it tasted yummy today but boy did we make a mess!

To all my readers, I am very thankful for all you.  I received so many great comments from you and I have enjoyed my time with this year and look forward to getting to know you more over the last year!