I'm Back!

It has been forever since I have posted and apologize!  Internet was turned on yesterday (finally :-)) and I am back and ready to bring you some great new stuff, fun, and deals!

I am sorry that I missed this week's deals for you all but I promise that I am back and will be filling this site with them. 

I also have some great giveaways coming up to help with the holidays and to give you some fun ideas for what to purchase for your little ones. 

Thank you all for bearing with me during my time of silence.  We are steadily working on the house and I will be bringing some pictures shortly.  We are nowhere close to being done but it has been steady progress.  Next Saturday is our move date so the majority of the work will be done then.  I'm just hoping for a finished floor. 

Well, off to bring you some more great stuff!


Kristie. said...

What an exciting time for you and your family! I hope that all goes smoothly for you.