New Blog - Coupon Deals Only!

I recently started writing for a new blog and since this site is Money Saving Tips for the Keeper at Home, I thought you all would enjoy this site. 

Coupon Kash is dedicated to only posting about coupons.  It is updated 2 - 3 times a day with great deals and coupons!  It is not only written by me but also a few others.  Hopefully in days to come, it will have more than 3 coupons a day but at this time, it is just getting off the ground. 

If you would like instant updates, you can become a Facebook fan or a Twitter fan.  Right now there are coupons for restaurants, a great Thanksgiving coupon for a Turkey and a roaster, plus many more. 

So take a look at Coupon Kash and let me know what you think! 


Matthew said...

thank you for this write up :) I appreciate it!