Flipswap: Cell Phone Trade In

Are you due for an upgrade on your cell phone or have a few left over from times when you have upgraded?  I'll be honest, I have a stack of cell phones sitting in a box waiting for me to discover what to do with them.  They are still good phones and can still be used.  The only thing wrong is them is that I or my husband upgraded to a new phone that met our needs better.  

Flipswap is now my solution.  I never knew such a site existed but am super excited because I can trade in my cell phone for cash, Amazon store credit, or donate that money to a charity.  Flipswap makes cell phone recycling super easy because you can do everything online including printing the shipping label.  They also pay for the shipping so it is completely free to take care of those phones that are taking up space.

I love knowing that my phone can be used for someone else that needs it instead of just filling a garbage dump somewhere.  If your phone isn't good enough to be reused, they will take the parts and recycle them to be used for other things. 

Next time you get a new phone consider using Flipswap to get rid of your old one.  A cell phone trade in can not only save your phone but help someone else out! 

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored.  Everything in this post was written by me and is my own honest unbiased opinion. 


Frantic Holly said...

LOVE this idea. I think we have 4 phones upstairs now that I could get rid of.