My Family Tree: This Nut Doesn't Fall From The Tree

So I decided to join MomDot and join Karen in her Small Talk Six.  It is just six easy questions to keep things fun and entertaining on the weekends.  It also makes it fun to write about something different. 

This week's Small Talk Six is about what you love or hate about spending time with your or yours husband's family. 

I thought this was a fun topic and I am interested to see what other bloggers wrote but here are my six things. 

1.  I LOVE that my mother in law and my mother get along so well.  Most in-laws fight when they get together but I absolutely love that both families are so accepting of each other.  We don't see my husband's family often but when we do it is always a memorable experience.

2. I LOVE how much fun every one seems to have with my children.  My kids are showered with love and affection by both sides of the family.  While this only increases the fact that they know that they are cute, it shows them how much they are loved.

3.  I HATE having to discipline my children in front of family.  Both sides completely support our disciplining but there are times it can be hard for everyone to have to go through those times.  I just wish the kids would act like angels at all times!  :-)

4.  I LOVE watching movies with my family.  Every year at Thanksgiving, it is tradition to watch the last cartoon.  This year is was UP.  My mother-in-law didn't understand the excitement over a "kid's" cartoon but after seeing it, she saw why we loved this family tradition.

5.  I LOVE how my mother is so caring about all her grandchildren.  She has made so many blankets, dresses, and other things for my children.  It is so wonderful to know that my mother cares enough to spend that time on my children. 

6.  I HATE the rubber mouse that my father brought to Thanksgiving dinner.  No explanation needed on this one. 

I love our families and couldn't ask for better in-laws or parents.  My sisters are my best friends besides my husband and my brother still shows love for all of us girls in way we still trying to figure out.  I should very shortly even not tonight get a new addition to my family - I'm finally going to be an aunt! - and I can't wait to show her how special her family really is.

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Susan@What Happened To My House? said...

A rubber mouse? He must have a sense of humor. Sounds like you have a wonderful family.

Kelly said...

sounds like you have a great family. Great list.

Hazel said...

aww... adorable mommies! and on both sides too. I think I like your dad's sense of humor :) Congratulations on becoming an aunt. Happy holidays!

Auntie Nessa said...

That was not a rubber mouse. It was a rubber rat and it was AWESOME! :oD

prashant said...

sounds like you have a great family. Great list.

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