ScanDigital: A Unique Way To Put Your Photos To CD

Are you like me with a pile of pictures that desperately need to put into digital form?  At one time, hard copies of photos is all we had.  You didn't dare lose your negatives or you would never be able to get another copy again.

Times have changed so much.  We often do not even have hard copies of pictures because we email, facebook, twitter, or put them into videos.  I know that I have hundreds of photos on my computer and I love having them right there so I can quickly share them with family and friends.

However, my parents have slides and tons of pictures in boxes that have never been digitized which I would love to have.  When I heard about ScanDigital, I was excited about their negative scanning and slide scanning services.  My parents have pictures on slides that many of us kids have never seen before and what a wonderful experience it would be to finally see these pictures!

ScanDigital also offers to put all your photos on CD so that you can pass them around for everyone to put on their computers if they want to.  ScanDigital will create slideshows, digital scrapbook pages, and even scan black and white photos.

I absolutely love ScanDigital's services and think that a giftcard would be the perfect gift for a family member that would like to preserve their pictures.  If you would like to purchase a giftcard for Christmas, be sure to check out ScanDigital's website.  If you order by December 22nd, you will have it in time for Christmas!

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored but this is still my own honest unbiased opinion.