Small Talk Six: 6 Gifts That You Regifted

I really enjoyed joining Small Talk Six last week so I going to keep this meme going for awhile.

This week's topic is 6 gifts you or someone in your house received that you’ve regifted or donated in the past.

I do have a tendency to regift often.  Sometimes the gift is perfect for my family but we have more than one or we just don't need it right then. I have the tendency to not like to waste space so if it is still in the box and hasn't been used in a year, I regift.  It's the frugal thing to do, you know?  :-)

1.  Barbecue Grill Fan - this was a neat gift but unfortunately for my husband who received it, he could never use it.  We have a very tiny grill that sits close to the ground so he never gets hot while grilling for our family.  My brother received it for his birthday because he can use it and likes eclectic gifts like that.

2.  Photo Albums - it often seems like I get tons of photo albums as gifts.  I have more than what I can use so I often fill these with pictures of my children and send them off to my in-laws for Christmas.

3.  Children's Clothing - on rare occasions, I receive clothes that I just won't put my kids in.  Sometimes it is 1970's plaids and stripes or what looks my sister-in-laws tablecloth.  These are often donated to thrift store in hopes that someone else can use them.

4.  Toys - I have two very large boxes of unopened toys that I have received over the years from my grandmother, as swag, and other places.  This year each one of this kids that work with me in the children's Christmas program will receive one of these toys.

5.  Cereal or Other Food - once in awhile we receive food from others or free coupons and I love to drop these off with families in our church that really need these items.  These are things that we have plenty of and know that other families could benefit from.

6.  Candles and Blankets - My mother-in-law once told me that we could never have too many blankets.  She came to my house this last month and changed her mind.  Every time we receive a brand-new blanket, we look to see if any room needs it and if it isn't handmade by a special family member we regift it.

It is not that we do not appreciate any of the above gifts, there are just people that could use them more than we can.  If an item is handmade for our family, those items are not regifted because they have special meaning and time invested into them.  The other items also have much thought and meaning but there is also only so much my house can hold so I have found that going through my items we have saved on birthday, Christmas, and other gifts due to regifting. 

It is also fun to be a blessing to another family or person by giving of the items that we can not use.  This Christmas season, go through your closets and see if you have anything that can be regifted or donated.  You never know - it might help someone else out this holiday season. 

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I am Harriet said...

I get a lot of photo albums too. They seem pretty useless since everything is digital now.

Have a great Saturday!

Angel said...

I like your list, you couldve given me the BBQ grill, I don't have one :)