Treasure Tuesday - No Longer A Baby

I started Treasure Tuesday a long time ago because I felt that every day we should look for the blessings in our lives.  I also truly believe that acknowledging those blessings helps us focus on the good of our day and not just the hard things.  You will rarely hear me talk negatively on my blog because while we all have negative things in our lives - my day is way better when I focus on God's blessings to me.

So Treasure Tuesdays are back.  They have been missing for the last month or two because I have been busy playing catch up on my blog and for the many companies that I am working with.  However, I am back in full force ready to share my blessings!

My Treasure today is my beautiful girl who just turned two on Sunday.  It seem like yesterday I held in her in my arms for the first time and kissed that beautiful face.  I prayed for the day that I could hold in her my arms.  I prayed for her safety as she almost came at 27 weeks and then praised the Lord when she arrived at 35 weeks.  She has always been my ray of Sunshine.  A happy baby from the day she was born.  She has never looked like me (in fact, I often get asked when my husband is not with me where I adopted her!) but she has my personality.

I have loved those moments of cuddles and kisses.  I have loved the times I held her as she slept.  She still cuddles but she doesn't let me hold her when she sleeps.  She is no longer content to just be held instead she runs like a crazy woman.  She is no longer my baby - she is now officially my toddler - my big girl.

She is my helper.  She is my artist.  She is still my Ray of Sunshine.  She is still my precious girl but boy where did the time go.  She is my blessing from God and I would never change the way she is even she can be a handful at times.

Below you will find a video I made for her first year which I just watched and wanted to share.  All the songs are special to Gracie and I as I have sung them to her since the day she was born.

Do you have a treasure today? I love to hear them. I have some email them to me, some leave comments, and others post on their blogs. Any way you share them, I would love to know about them. Treasure today because tomorrow that treasure may no longer be there.