Do You Cloth Diaper?

If so, I need your help.  I am cloth diaper illiterate.  We had seriously thought about it when my daughter was born but found that we had to invest $350 into and just couldn't do it.  I still can't afford to invest $350 into it but I'm thinking that there must be some of you out there that didn't pay that much. 

Do you have tips?  What are your favorite diapers?  Do you do the covers with the cloth liners?  How many diapers do I need and how many liners? 

While I am not planning to review or share a cloth diaper event with you - I will share what diapers we choose and how it is working for us. 

Help a mommy out - I would love your feedback!


Heather @ Green Baby Green Mama said...

I've got a great cloth diaper package for beginners here:

Two diaper packages would be enough to diaper your child, so you could diaper for 2+ years for under $200!

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Theresa said...

Definitely check out this blog by Chelsea

She is awesome and thorougly discusses all different cloth diapers. Her reviews really make me want to buy cloth diapers (and I don't even have any kiddos yet!)

Hope it helps :)

Anonymous said...

I have 2 faves...Nifty Nappy-All handmade and super cute. Adjustable size. Not waterproof but they only need a cover at night time.

Smartipants-Adjustable size, waterproof (I have never had one leak)

Bummis makes a great wipe if you are going to do cloth wipes as well.

I havent had a problem with smell yet (knock on wood) I presoak in vineger and baking soda and wash the diapers in any detergent that is free and clear.

Email me if you have any questions.

Aubrie Williams said...

I bit the bullet last night and invested in Softbums. They are a one-size diaper with really good reviews. I'll let you know how I like them. I've shared this link with you before but I figured others might want to look at this site too: