Our Journey To Restoring Our Home

The day we received the keys to our new home was incredible.  Our palms were sweaty, we were shaking just a little, and definitely completely excited.  We had waited 4 1/2 years to buy a home for our family and so we could hardly wait.   We knew we were taking on more responsibility because now all repairs, utilities, and any issues were our own.  We could no longer call on the landlord.
We opened the doors and realized that it was freezing in our house!  The previous owners purposely ran out every last drop of fuel oil in the tank and left us with a cold, frigid new home.  Not only that, we realized that carpet was indescribably disgusting and was going to need to go.

Home improvements were the order of the day and we needed to do some soon!  Replacing our furnace is slowly in the works.  We already have the propane tank placed and even full in the back of our yard.  We just need to buy the furnace for it!

The carpet is history - at least downstairs - and hard wood floor has replaced it.  The house looks 100% times better than before but still needs some major updating.  Thankfully, the outside of the house is wonderful and has vinyl siding so we won't need to worry about that.  They also landscaped the outside only 5 days before they found out they were moving! Our goal after the new furnace is replacement windows that keep the heat in and the cold out.

There are so many things that we plan to do from replacing light fixtures, change trim, finish painting, etc.  As we make these changes, I plan to show you what we are doing.  We are currently working on the bathroom and it is my hope to take you on a tour soon!

Disclosure: I obtained the above picture from FreeDigitalPhotos.net.  This post was sponsored however all that was written was my own and put together by me. 


Brandy said...

Great post! I wish I could do all the renovations I need to do!

Stopping by from MomDot forum, thanks for sharing the link with me!