Favorite Friday: Whoops Bunny

As a mom I value other mom's opinions. To be honest, I do not purchase much of anything without first finding out what other mom's think. Those chubby babies used in advertisements are cute while they are real babies - it doesn't mean that their family actually uses the product or that baby loves it. A review is nice but what do you think of that product 6 months to 1 year down the road? As a mom who shares reviews with other moms, I felt compelled to share what our favorite reviews still. How do we use them? Do we use them daily? Do I still recommend them? Do my kids actually play with them? I'm going to do this every Friday and no, the companies are not involved. I will send them email after this link and pictures are up but they do not know ahead of time what I am doing nor do they have any input in these posts. I will also link to my original review so you can take a look at my original opinion.

In October, we received the cutest apron and chef's hat from Whoops Bunny and while we loved it then - I never dreamed how much Gracie would continue to love it.  This cute little apron hangs in my kitchen and Gracie loves to help mommy cook in it.  


She also loves to just wear it for dress up.  She can easily spend the whole day in this cute little apron.  

I have washed it many times and every time all the stains come out.  We love this great apron and highly recommend Whoops Bunny for any little cook out there.  Gracie gives Whoops Bunny two thumbs up!

You can read my full review here.