Free Oreo Cakesters and Digiorno Pizza

I am a huge fan of Kraft Foods First Taste program because I get to try new foods all the time for FREE!!  If you are already a member, check your account to see if you have Oreo Cakesters or Digiorno Pizza coupons to claim.   I had been sent an email from them about the Oreo Cakesters but I was thrilled to see both of these available in my account.  

If you are not a member, register for Kraft Foods First Taste here.  You should be able to get in on this deal also!  (The site was running a little slowly for me this afternoon.)


Becca said...

Thanks for posting about this! The Oreo coupon was sitting there. I had filled out the form for DiGiorno about a month you know if the coupons have gone out???

Anonymous said...


The oreo coupon was there but no DiGiorno. Oh well, I got to try Digiorno free anyways because of a digiorno house party.

jessiuf at

Rachael @ Empowering Mommy said...


I think it can take as long as 5 to 6 weeks to get to you. I think I saw that on the form but didn't look. I always just count on them being that way. Companies get so many requests and I know it must be overwhelming for them.


I'm glad you got the Oreos but sorry about the Digiorno Pizza. That is cool that you got picked for a House Party! How fun! Those are fantastic parties!

Thanks you guys for letting me know you got these coupons. It's always nice to hear who received them!