Kikkoman Instant Win Game!

I actually won last night!  It is a Kikkoman Spoon Rest and while it seems little, I hardly ever win anything! 

I played the Kikkoman Instant Win Game and I just found out that anyone who plays wins something.  There are tongs, basting tools, cookbooks, spoon rests, even coupons. 

Go to their website, request a pin, and after you receive it in your email, type it in to the appropriate box and see what you won! 

Good luck, everyone!  Leave me a comment later and let me know what you won - I would love to hear what you all are getting!

Thanks, Surviving the Stores, for the tip!


Angie Marion said...

Congrats! Winning sure is fun, isn't it?

lfhpueblo said...

Thank you so much. I went there and clicked on request pin, they emailed it to me. I came back here and clicked on link to get back to that page. I put in the pin # they emailed me, and yep you're right. I too, won a spoon rest.
Cool. I'll use it to, because my other one broke.

Wanda said...

Thank you! I won the Kikkoman Recipes Cookbook! Thanks for taking such good care of us, and enjoy your spoon rest.