Nokia 3G Booklet Review Day 1


Today a box arrived and inside was a Nokia 3G Booklet.  This 10.1 inch netbook is extremely cute and light.  When it first arrived, I was shocked with just how nice it looked.  I had taken a walk through Best Buy on Friday to look at Netbooks so that I could compare them to this one.  I was pleasantly surprised with quality of the screen.  With its HD quality screen, it definitely has a much nicer look to it than the ones I had looked at on Friday.

The Nokia 3G booklet was sent to me to review for 2 weeks - I am not keeping, I will be sending it back.  I will, however, be treating it like my own.  I have been seriously contemplating purchasing a netbook for the following reasons:

1.  Smaller - with it's 1 inch in thickness, it is definitely small

2.  Inexpensive - a netbook has been running cheaper than laptops

3.  Portability - because of its light weight, it is easy to carry everywhere

4.  Battery Life - the battery lasts as long as 12 hours!  That is 12 hours that I don't have to carry a cord around with me!

5.  I thought it would be perfect for blogging because of all the above features.

Why my dad and husband think this is not a good purchase for me:

1.  Possibly underpowered for what I do.  I am avid photographer who constantly runs Adobe Photoshop along with Firefox, Twitter, and Microsoft Outlook

2.  No disk drive - I would only need to use an external hard drive to get Adobe Photoshop, my printer, and Microsoft Outlook set up.  (I will not use Outlook Express.)

3.  Not that much cheaper than a full-size laptop.  Remember though I want something smaller.  Buying a full size laptop when I already have a working one seems wasteful.

4.  Is not Dual Core.  Again, possibly underpowered for what I do.

So those are the reasons why I should get a netbook and the reasons I should not get one.  For the next two week, I'm testing the Nokia 3G Booklet to see if its what I like and if it is able to put up with me.  I'm already in love with the power supply it came with because Nokia solved the problem with the wrapping of cords!  It keeps the cord nice and neat without the worry of something breaking.

I currently have Firefox installed on it and am working on downloading a free trial of Adobe Photoshop 7 on to it.  I'll update you as to how the Nokia 3G Booklet handles being a workhorse and how I adjust to such a tiny keyboard. 

Disclosure:  I was sent a Nokia 3G Booklet to test for 2 weeks.  This is my honest, unbiased opinion of the product.  Nokia was not involved in the writing of this review at all. I am also not being compensated in anyway for my testing or reviewing of this product. It will be sent back in 2 weeks time.


Chadzgirl said...

I am looking forward to hearing how much you do and don't like this. I would really like on however, I do need a disk drive so that is my main reason for not getting it. I am excited to hear the ins and outs of this thing. I am thankful you get to review this for us!