Our Favorite Kind of Potato: Princess Sweet Potato

Gracie has grown into the magical age of two where the light switch seems to have gone in her head.  Everything is a game and if it isn't she is going to make it into one anyway.  Her imagination is huge and keeping her engaged with one thing can be hard sometimes.  The problem is if you don't keep her attention, she is normally into trouble.  She's just one of those kinds of kids.  Always moving, always thinking, always creating.

When we had the chance to review Mr. Potato Head: Princess Sweet Potato, I was thrilled.  I grew up with a Mr. Potato Head and remember the hours I used to spend changing around his face.  There was nothing more fun than creating a different looking potato head.  It is always fun for me to see my daughter enjoy the very same things that I enjoyed as a child.  
When Gracie and I opened the box, she was SO excited!  She just kept talking about Princess Sweet Potato's ears and shoes.  The first thing Gracie did was try to wear Princess Sweet Potato's earrings.  She quickly found that they don't work on her ears but had a blast rearranging them all over Princess Sweet Potato.

I don't think there was a part of Princess Sweet Potato that Gracie didn't enjoy.  She was busy for at least an hour that first day.

Princess Sweet Potato definitely is made to last little hands pulling and tugging at her.  Gracie enjoys filling the back of Princess Sweet Potato with her eyes, ears and mouth.  She does this all day long - takes them off, puts them in her back.  Takes them out of her back and puts them back on Princess Sweet Potato.  Back and forth all day.


The only issue we had with Princess Sweet Potato is that her crown is hard to keep on.  This sure doesn't deter Gracie from playing with her and frankly, I don't think she really cares if she has the crown or not.  I could see this as a slight frustration to a child who is particular about those things though.  

We love Princess Sweet Potato and I think we will eventually be adding to Gracie's Mr. Potato Head  collection over the next few years.  These trigger the imagination, keep their little fingers moving, and keep them out of trouble. 

You can find Mr. Potato Head - Princess Sweet Potato on Amazon, at Walmart or Target, and many places where toys are sold.  Princess Sweet Potato would make an excellent Valentine's gift for any little girl two and older!

Disclosure: This review is based on my own honest unbiased opinion of this toy. You may or may not agree with my opinion. I was sent product free of charge to review. No one from the Playskool was involved in the writing of this post. I was not paid to write this review. 


Cat@3KidsandUs said...

A Princess Potato! I LOVE it! I'm so buying one of these for Emma's Princess Birthday party this month.

Tammy said...

Gotta love Potato Heads - While my daughter would have pew-pewed at the Princess - I love that they have some for every kid! Mine would have played with Pirates and the Darth Tater one when she was younger.

I love that at some stores (I'm thinking it was the toy shop in Downtown Disney) you could buy just accessories to dress up the Potato Head.

Great Review!

Jayme said...

That's cute! My husband has the Darth Tater one LOL

Jessica @ Riding with Jessica said...

I am such a big kid. I love Mr potatoe head and this princess just takes the cake.

GrammyMouse said...

How cute!
I wish I had a little girl to buy one for... so I won't look so obvious buying it for myself!

Leah said...

Very cute!!!! I was so sad that my kids were never interested in Mr (or Mrs) potato head :(

Staci said...

So cute! My son is obsessed with Potato Heads, and I love that they work his fine motor skills. He could spend hours rearranging and creating new potatoes!

Henrietta said...

Oh this is just too adorable! My kids always loved their big tote full of potato heads! It makes me sad that this one didn't come out sooner! My daughter would have loved it!

Brandy said...

That is too cool! What a great review and I know my daughter would adore that product, although her brothers would lose the pieces on her for sure!

Happy Monday!

Momstart said...

I have never seen the princess one, that's another one to add to our huge collection of potato heads

Night Owl Mama said...

Oh that is so cute and look how much fun she's having

Shamefully would you believe we don't have 1 Mr. Potato head in our house? I have a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old. Do you know if they have any geared toward boys. A racer potato head perhaps? or construction potato head guy?

Anonymous said...

I remember many hours of myself playing with Mr. Potato Head and friends, and then my son had his own. Such great memories!

I may consider buying another one even tho he is grown. something fun to keep on the desk.