Remington Electic Razor

This review was written by my husband who has decided to join me here at Empowering Mommy. He won't post often but from time to time, his voice will be joining mine. 

I was 18 when I went into the Air Force. One of the requirements for wearing the uniform was to be clean shaven. This was not a problem with me as I had to shave two or three times a week to meet this requirement. Although I’m not in the military any longer, the position I hold requires me to be clean shaven.  You can have facial hair but mine comes in patches here and patches there. Rach has banned me from growing a beard because it makes me look like a hobo. So, I’m forced to shave every day. Shaving with a razor every day has caused my face to break out and for me to have very sensitive skin.

I wanted to try an electric razor but I have had a troubled history with those. My Grandma gave me one when I was 20 and it felt like it was pulling the hair off my face! Rachael has tried to get me to try an electric shaver again for a while but the image of pain and torture comes to mind. Maybe I’m a pushover but I finally relented. She received the Remington R4135 for me to review.

It’s an entry level model that doesn’t break the bank. I cringed as I held it to my face for the first time only to be relieved that there was no pain! My face didn’t break out either after using it consistently. It’s easy to clean and holds a charge really well.

The only thing I would change would be a more efficient edger for sideburns. That part doesn’t cut short hair very well. The edger does cut the hair on the back of my head really well though. My very helpful wife uses it to clean up my neck once in a while so that I can put off going to the barber.

Overall, if you’ve been reluctant in trying an electric shaver, try the Remington R4135. I’ve been using it for three months now and it is still shaving like when I pulled it out of the box. It won’t hurt your wallet either if you decide you’re more of a razor kind of guy.

You can purchase the Remington Razor from or even pick it up at Walmart or Target.

Disclosure: This review is based on my own honest unbiased opinion of this product. You may or may not agree with my opinion. I was sent product free of charge to review. No one from the Remington was involved in the writing of this post. I was not paid to write this review. 


candace said...

thanks for sharing, I'm going to share this with my husband as he has sensitive skin.

sharonjo said...

Great review! My husband goes back and forth between electric shavers and blades. He'll be interested in this product. Thanks!!